Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What F & M Property did Harper Trespass Upon?

"The incident had to do with Harper defiantly ignoring the previously issued no trespass letter. That letter was issued solely to protect the safety and sanctity of President Fry's family". A statement attributed by NewsLanc to Ms. Dulcey Antonucci, Director of Media Relations of Franklin & Marshall in response to the detainment yesterday of Mr. Harper and Mr. Hart Nibbrig.

So be it. When and where? They keep saying he defied their warning but have yet to suggest what piece of F&M property he trespassed upon.

If he returned to Fry's house and actually entered the grounds, I say throw him in jail. On the other hand, if he merely walked the public streets around it, tough luck John.

Ms. Antonucci, aka "Downtown Dulcey" - a distant cousin to Bagdhad Bob - or her handlers should put this to rest and provide the proof of their claims!