Thursday, June 5, 2008

Police are to BRING Them to Justice NOT Exact Justice

I am against the police using ANY retaliatory measures against people accused of a crime. ANY.

Police are to BRING them to justice NOT exact justice.

That being said, did the three b-ball stars - who are about to plead guilty to multiple felonies - suffer 1/10 of what Chris and I did? Were they EVER in handcuffs? Were they EVER in the back of a police cruiser? Were they EVER in a holding cell - even for one second?!?

Will someone in the media do that story?

I know they were not thrown onto the ground and had their head bounced off the asphalt so I won't ask.

I write a story about "special" kids not having to pay the price for their crimes and I get the punishment.

Chris and I were detained for over two hours against our will. My repeated requests to call my lawyer were denied.

If there is not accountability and repercussions for this constitution assault then it's no country that my forefathers gave their life to obtain.

Ron Harper, Jr.

Editor's note: It is apparent that the writer intended that his name be published.