Sunday, March 30, 2008

They Were Right but They Were Wrong

Our elected officials have said from day one privately, it will get built. Well they were right!!

Armstrong not running confirms that the one last casino license buried is earmarked to this County. When the debt is exposed, all the resistance to a Casino will cave in to pay the debt.

It is sad to see such a wonderful city that could have been an example of what to do to revitalize downtown if that building would have been anything but a convention center and hotel. When the money generation passes and their children and grandchildren inherit, they will not even care about their heritage.

Fulton Bank, the High Group and the 'sisters' should be ashamed at what they are doing to this county.

Editor's note: NewsLanc blames Jack Buckwalter and his business management team at Lancaster Newspapers, Inc., not the Steinman sisters or most of the journalists, for the convention center debacle.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Downtown Unsafe at night

Last evening (3-29-2008), my wife and I attended The Lancaster Symphony performance at the Fulton Theater. The performance was excellent as usual.

After the performance, many of us were crossing the street to go to our cars when all of a sudden piercing police sirens were everywhere. Six police cars came flying by us and everyone had to scramble for fear of being hit.

The police came to a screaming halt in the next block with guns drawn. No one dared walk or drive by the block to learn what all the excitement was about.

When we finally got our car out of the (snail pace) public parking lot, we drove up by the square on our way home.

After looking at the mess [construction] on the square, we all said what a joke it was to be having a $200 Million Dollar project built in downtown Lancaster supposedly for convention business - when the streets are not even safe to walk or drive in front of the Fulton Theater!

What conventioneers in their right mind would knowingly risk taking their family to such an unsafe city to attend a meeting or show?

But then who really cares about what is happening? After it is all said and done, the Lancaster County taxpayers will be stuck with cost to build and operate this white elephant – no big deal!

Hopefully Lancaster Newspapers and Dale High will feel very proud to tell their children and grandchildren about Lancaster’s biggest ever scam that they pulled off with Senator Gib Armstrong’s help.

Accuses NewsLanc of "Vested Interests"

Just wanted to drop a quick line about your mission statement. Though I find Newslanc a refreshing, oftentimes accurate alternative to the Lancaster newspaper, I think it's a bit deceiving to say that you have no vested interests and no personal motivations for the content you publish.

Editor's response: We thank the contributor for the kind words and offer an invitation to identify our "vested interest." Our "personal motivations" are (1) to expose vultures who pose as benefactors and (2) force the monopoly newspapers to be accurate and unbiased rather than to seek to enrich the owners and their cronies at the public expense. We hasten to add that we have respect for the many good men and women of the local press who work under these very difficult conditions.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Questions Intell's Coverage

Your excellent coverage of the TRAC meeting Tuesday night is what Larry Alexander, the reporter at the meeting for the Intelligencer Journal, should have written and didn't. My question is, why didn't he?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Columbia Making Huge Mistake

I found it a little backwards that Columbia wants to put a highway on its waterfront. Granted the RR is already there, but quite a few RRs have gone to trails in the past decade.

To take a city's beautiful asset and farther remove it from citizens just seems to be a huge mistake. The highway should be located anywhere but on the river front.

Matching Grant Offer Praised

Thank you very much for the $10,000.00 pledge (LOL and the media hype) for renovations to Rodney Park. There are those of us who have been trying for years, to no avail, to get improvements to our park for our children. As you have recently seen, our area is rather economically depressed, however, our children deserve the advantages afforded to the children from other sections of Lancaster. My husband and I give more than our share of "sweat equity" for our neighborhood, particularly the children, and we get terribly frustrated that we cannot do more.

A Stretch to Insinuate a Conflict of Interest

I think the following question goes against Newslanc's proposed mission: "Is there a coincidence that soon after the funding was raised largely from Lancaster's Power Elite that Darcus took over the helm of the LCCCA and rammed the project through despite considerable opposition and all logic?" Perhaps the piece would have been more appropriate under an "Editorial" heading.

I would also like to express my disagreement with the letter to the editor entitled "Congratulations."

It is a stretch at best to insinuate a conflict of interest between Mr. Morris, an occasional columnist, and Lancaster Newspapers, or to suggest he ought to resign as board chair because of Mrs. Henderson's lawsuit. The cynic in me is beginning to believe that she included Mr. Morris in her lawsuit in an effort to remove him from the board and wreak havoc with the project. Simply because she filed a lawsuit does not make her accusations true, and until such time it is heard and a judgment proves otherwise, Mr. Morris ought to remain in his current position. Lastly, he is the most qualified member of the board to serve as chair. I have attended meetings for a long time and have listened to Ms. Douglas, as well. She has a solid business background and certainly contributes to the board, however in my opinion, Mr. Morris is more qualified to hold the chair's position based on his education, engineering and business backgrounds, public service experience, and knowledge of the culture of the city. He has an ability to teach the public and also hold those involved in the project (including board members) accountable for their work. He may not be doing what you want him to do, such as working to change the contracts or suing to change the contracts, but that does not make him ineffective.

As usual there is no name to the author of the LTE which keeps them secretly comfy cozy. As I have commented in the past, the credibility of Newslanc as a serious news source is minimized by your not printing contributors names. But I do find it entertaining and enjoy the "unbiased" reporting.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Congratulations on raising the issue of the obvious conflict of interest with interim Lancaster County Convention Center Authority executive director, Art Morris, a longtime Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. columnist, representing the public to Penn Square Partners. Your readers undoubtedly know that half of Penn Square Partners is Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

This should be unacceptable to the public, and it tarnishes Morris's reputation as an 'above-reproach' public figure.

Whether Kevin Fry (not my choice) or Laura Douglas (my choice) represents the board, it certainly should not be in the hands of Mr. Morris, who has done the bidding for Penn Square Partners since at least 1999, and is a defendant, along with Lancaster Newspapers, in a libel lawsuit on the topic of coverage of the $170+million project.

Another LCCCA board member defends Morris's involvement in these discussions with Penn Square Partners, saying the discussions are non-binding and preliminary. If that is the case, there is no reason that Morris should not immediately recuse himself. If they are so unimportant, why should Morris insist on representing the taxpayers in talks with his employer? Why have the appearance of a conflict of the public interest? Certainly, the very able Ms. Douglas can represent the public's interest as well as Mr. Morris. Why does Mr. Morris insist on negotiating with Lancaster Newspapers, his boss?

Morris must do the right thing and let another board member speak with Penn Square Partners. Let's see what virtuous ol' Art will do.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Challenges Veracity of F & M Letter to Intell / New Era

Nancy Collins, Franklin & Marshall Vice President for Communications, in a letter published Mar. 15 in the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era, charged that a Mar. 8 column by New Era columnist Carol Petersen ("F&M's what's-good-for-us-is-good-for-you concept") contained "a number of inaccuracies."

One of these "inaccuracies" that Ms. Collins attempts to correct has to do with the Norfolk Southern Dillerville Rail Yard project. Ms. Collins writes that this "project would extend the yard approximately one-eighth of a mile westward along the rail line." Ms. Collins added, "This project provides operational capacity for Norfolk Southern but will not change the types of products handled in the Dillerville yard nor the train schedules."

Doesn't Ms. Collins know that the railroad's switching yard will be moved from its present location in F&M's North Campus to a tract of land in proximity to Long's Park and several up-scale residential neighborhoods in the Farmingdale Road area?

The purpose, said F&M spokesperson Keith Orris at a public meeting on Feb. 19, 2007, that was covered in the Intelligencer Journal on Feb. 20 ("Land swap draws fire," Lori van Ingen) is to "give the college a place to relocate its athletic campus."

This planned "land swap" will result in the switching yard being only a football field's length away from a number of well-maintained and expensive homes. These homeowners have valid concerns regarding increased noise and pollution and a very likely drop in property values.

Mr. Orris was also quoted in that story as saying that the "residents won't be able to stop the railroad from expanding" and promised that F&M would build "sound walls." The same news story quotes a Manheim Twp. resident as saying that the "sound walls" would cause the sound to carry "over the walls" into East Hempfield.

The story stated that residents said that they wanted to talk to the railroad before the design phase, but Keith Orris responded: "Design and engineering will take place through the beginning of 2008 before the plan will be brought to government officials and the public." This means that the residents would only be allowed to comment on a plan that had already been finalized in agreement by F&M and Norfolk Southern Railroad.

In her letter-to-the-editor, Ms. Collins said that Ms. Petersen should have "attempted to learn how these projects could benefit Lancaster before expressing an opinion publicly." Doesn't Ms. Collins know that this project is not in Lancaster or even Lancaster Township? According to the Feb. 20 New Era story quoted above, the land swap would be "entirely within Manheim Township." Since the switching yard is being placed near several housing developments, how can this possibly benefit those homeowners?

Ms. Collins concludes her letter by saying, "We urge the New Era to hold its columnists to the same journalistic standards as it does its news writers, including checking facts, staying informed and adhering to professional standards when conducting interviews." But her letter, which criticizes Ms. Petersen for other "inaccuracies" as well, exhibits a decided lack of factual information. It is as short on facts as it is long on rhetoric.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Challenges F & M's promise re School Lane Hills

This is a perfect example of the hedged, nuanced speech the college always uses. You will notice there is NOT an absolute guarantee. The included paragraph about local zoning etc. is the Catch-22. Our understanding is that Manheim Township requires TWO roads into/out of any development, especially cluster type dwellings. Our understanding is that they cannot just have one entry/exit from Harrisburg Pike only. SO, when the whole Wilson Dr. things gets advanced, F&M will disingenuously respond, "WE aren't pursuing it! The DEVELOPER is," or, "The Township is making this a necessity. Our hands are tied!"

Your headline is wrong. The college has PROMISED nothing. For now, it is not something they will pursue. However, (wink, wink) "we will need to comply with all local ordinances etc etc etc" So, it will be THEIR fault, not F&Ms. HOW CONVENIENT.

Challenge the college to put in writing that should Manheim Township REQUIRE a second entrance/exit from their Baker fields development, it ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BE THROUGH SCHOOL LANE HILLS, and that if Wilson Drive extension is an absolute necessity, they will abandon development plans. THAT, my friend, would justify your headline of an F&M PROMISE. There is NO PROMISE in what I have read here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

NewsLanc obstructing City revitalization

Why does your organization do everything in its power to destroy the momentum of the revitalization of the city that is occurring? I live in the city and own my home. I am all for the convention center , First Friday, the ball park and the initiatives of the JSID and FM contributions to making Lancaster city a better and safer place to live.

Projects like the convention center capitalize on the campaign to bring more people and business into the city. The economy of our city needs more folks coming in to town and not leaving the city or only visiting the city for work.

We have so much in this little town to share and I don't understand why your organization is so bent against promoting business, home ownership and job creation downtown.

Editor's response: NewsLanc shares the writer's desire to promote business, home ownership and job creation downtown. We accept as a fact and will help support the convention center. But we don't want to allow Penn Square Partners to unfairly profiteer through questionable clauses in contracts that divert as much as $10 million from the taxpayer supported convention center to the privately-owned hotel .

Press smeared school's name

I am writing about that horrendous auto accident on Route 30 in which three men were killed by an impaired young woman. Certainly, that is a tragic event that will forever change the lives of the families involved. What struck me is why the Lancaster Newspapers had to smear the name of the school that the young woman attended years before, as if the school had something to do with her recent behavior. I wonder why the media persists in that kind of yellow journalism!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

News article or cheerleading?

[Concerning "Penn Square project rising above Watt & Shand facade" that appeared March 10 in the Lancaster New Era.]

Embarrassing. Again. I bet my dog that the bulk of this was drafted in the P.R. department of one of Dale High's companies. Peel off Bernie Harris' suit and you'll find a cheerleader's uniform, poms, poms under the desk.

Sis, boom, bahhhhh.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Editorial a veiled threat?

The Intelligencer Journal / New Era editorial "The right side" of March 8th concludes: "But we would urge [NewsLanc publisher Robert Field] to consider another piece of Voltaire's wisdom: 'I am very fond of truth, but not at all of martyrdom'.'' Voltaire seems to say, "I seek the truth, but I am willing to recant in the face of danger." That is the meaning in the context of the article.

One assumes that with a WRITTEN essay (as opposed to an impromptu spoken statement) that the intent is carefully thought through.It would seem that they are saying that you are successfully seeking "truth" but that you should stop when your are threatened for expressing the same truth. The only one who would threaten you would be someone who does not want the truth to be known (and are capable of inducing harm)...therefore, since they offer the quote, they either know who could threaten you, or they would threaten you themselves.The instant I read it, it seemed to be a threat. Congratulations for continuing to make the news.

Editor's note: Although several persons interpreted the conclusion of the editorial as a threat, we do not believe it was so meant. NewsLanc appreciates the Intell and New Era's standing up in solidarity for freedom of the press and continuation of the traditional enlightened openness that Rotary International and its Lancaster chapter have demonstrated over the decades.

They are most welcome!

You have no idea how we in Lancaster County are being observed. Residents who have moved out, residents moving in... it is amazing how informed they are to the happenings. NewsLanc and its staff are given credit and thank you's.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Intell / New Era hit a double

The editorial in today's paper ("The Right Side") proves too things: the established press does follow your postings on your website, and can, on occasion, get up the courage or whatever it is, to back your position. Congratulations! You are right - you do have an impact.

But I was even more surprised with Carol Petersen's column "F&M's what's-good-for-us-is-good-for-you concept" column. This is what a lot of people have been saying for years, but finally it made its way into print - in a combined paper, at that.

F&M's goal: "To Transform Lancaster City"

(Letter from "concerned citizen" courtesy of Looking at Lancaster)


John Fry, several months prior to his inauguration as president of Franklin and Marshall College, presented his vision for transforming Lancaster into a "vibrant College town" in a 38-page paper titled, "F&M College Strategic Planning White Paper." This paper, dated January 27, 2003, lists his name as the sole author. It became the foundation of the "Campus Master Plan 2004", which uses much of the same terminology.

The White Paper contains statements that define President Fry's view of the relationship between the College and the City. Some of these statements suggest the appropriation of certain public services that are the responsibility of City department heads. The result of this, even if well intended, is the blurring of the distinctions between public property and private property, also civic vs. private suzerainty. The question, in time, becomes, "Who does what and who is in charge of whom?"

An example of this blurring is seen in "Goal II - Strengthen the Campus Community". Under "Strategies - E", is an item that reads: "Ensure that the campus and its surrounding neighborhood and park are vibrant, safe and clean places." Under that heading is this statement: "Through skillful security and police protection, lighting, landscaping, communication devices, electronic security... we can make our campus and surrounding neighborhoods a better environment for all..."

Both the park and the surrounding neighborhood (with the exception of some college-owned properties on College Ave. and Race Ave.) are city property. Citizens ask: why should John Fry be making plans for public property? And especially since the College pays no money to the city in lieu-of-taxes, whereas the city homeowners see their school and city real estate taxes rise every year?

Under "Strategy A - Enhance Public Safety throughout the area", Fry lists some of the services to the City that the College will be providing: "bicycle patrols, street cleaning, tree-trimming and graffiti removal; streetscape management, with specific attention being paid to landlords ... marketing the area as a great place to live ... lighting, signage, street furniture, traffic calming and the like."

Why should F&M be making decisions for the city on traffic calming projects on streets that are city (public) streets - not campus streets? Shouldn't the city traffic engineer be doing this? F&M's first traffic calming project was the "bumped-out curbs" and traffic table on College Ave. that caused a dangerous situation for vehicles and pedestrians, resulting in at least one accident and several reported near accidents. The College Ave. homeowners were neither given advance information about this project, nor an opportunity to comment on it.

There was also an attempt to by-pass neighborhood input and approval with the traffic calming project on Race Ave.: F&M tried to get City approval for this project BEFORE any Race Ave. resident was told that the College wanted to make major and permanent changes to their street – where a sizable number of these homeowners have lived for 30 to 60 years. And the Harrisburg Pike median strip was built, even though a petition by citizens opposing the median strip, citing safety concerns, was sent to PennDOT and to City officials.

Of special interest in Fry's "White Paper" is the section titled "GOAL III - DEEPEN AND ENRICH THE COLLEGE'S TIES TO LANCASTER CITY". A statement that illustrates Fry's mind-set is: "First, the fortunes of Lancaster and Franklin & Marshall are inextricably bound ... the better known and more highly regarded the College is, the better off the City will be – what city wouldn't like to have a nationally renowned liberal arts college in its midst, one with which it has deep and extensive relationship?"

Under the heading "D. Strategy - Create exciting 'college-town' commercial corridors along Harrisburg Pike and College Avenue", John Fry speaks of development: "My hope is to work with the real estate development community to identify and eventually develop attractive, well-located sites for food, entertainment and cultural establishments along Harrisburg Pike and College Avenue. The area around the College should look and feel more like a 'college town', buzzing with activity at all hours of the day, a real magnet for people."

Fry continues, "College Avenue also provides a very interesting set of possibilities for commercial development. Unlike Harrisburg Pike, which must be tamed, calmed and re-scaled for pedestrians, College Avenue enjoys a wonderful scale, and with the right interventions (lighting, street furniture, trees) could have a terrific ambiance. Several properties might lend themselves to small scale retail uses (used bookstores, coffee houses), which would complement the larger developments along the Pike." (Question: Will College Ave., be rezoned to allow for these commercial establishments?)

Under "GOAL V - C. Strategy - Seek non-traditional sources of financial support: corporations, foundations, state and federal government, private ventures", he discusses the use of third-party investors: "To the extent we can demonstrate to developers that we have strong demand for residential, retail and other commercial amenities, and in some cases even own or control key pieces of real estate where these activities can occur, then we might be the beneficiaries of third-party investors willing to take on risk and invest with the College..."

Fry continues, "In all cases regarding commercial development, we must decide about the level of control we need to have in the venture ... the more control we wish, the more investment the College will be expected to make. This is the reality of doing business with private investors who are driven primarily by the need for a sufficient return on their capital."

Under "D. Strategy - Create a single, continuous campus with space to accommodate long-term growth and expansion", there is an obvious reference to the median strips (one of which has already been constructed): "We need more and better linkages to our holdings on the other side of the Pike. One of the major focal points of our upcoming campus physical planning study will be developing ways of forging friendlier and more pleasing connections between these two areas." (John Fry does not reveal that he has plans to remove the attractive overhead walkway at College Square that was built in 1991 specifically for the purpose of linking the two campuses. It was also designed to provide for pedestrian safety in crossing the Pike, which is a busy state highway.)

John Fry's intrusion into civic affairs and into the lives of citizens - who, unlike F&M, pay taxes - is unnerving. And he appears to be continually striving to expand his sphere of influence. Indeed, some residents are referring to him as "Mayor Fry," and one expression making the rounds is: "When John Fry says 'jump,' City officials jump." Because of this perception, many citizens are choosing to become inactive and silent on community affairs. This results in a loss of "brain power" of some of the City's best educated and most productive citizens - due to the undue influence of the president of a non-profit, multi-million dollar private corporation.

Lancaster City can and should stand free and proud on its own history and institutions and its officials can and should make decisions based on public - not private - interests. Citizens of Lancaster do not need to be dictated to by an overly-ambitious College president whose decisions are based on what's good for the College and who frequently disregards the stated wishes and opinions of the citizens of Lancaster.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rotary rash

I believe that NewsLanc's barring from the Rotary Club meetings is a validation of its work and a testament to NewsLanc's effectiveness. It is also disturbing.

NewsLanc has been the most sharply critical voice against the establishment for quite a while now, and, after months of regular attendance, out of the blue you are banned? No, NewsLanc is getting to them. I'd keep the pressure on. It was rash for Rotary to ban Matt Henderson, and stupid in my opinion

Monday, March 3, 2008

Thibault Campaign – "Empty Promises"

Did everyone get their [Paul] Thibault campaign mailer? Attached is an absentee ballot for a nice incentive to encourage votes on April 22. A campaign mailer full of empty promises.

"Cut Taxes Now" funny – he raised county taxes while in office.

"Reform State Government" has an interesting line - "too many decisions are made as a result of backroom deals, with no opportunity for public input" Thibault did that while a commissioner with one month left in office by making county taxpayers indebted to the tune of $40M bond for a pork barrel project.

"Stop the Spending Spree" – spending was something Thibault was quite good at while a Commissioner by building an overly large Youth Intervention Center and making the county taxpayers indebted with the CC/hotel.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Debate over NewsLanc Letter in Sunday News

(Editor's Note: Letters are reproduced from a NewsLanc private list of concerned citizens)

Letter #1:

"We do believe that then-District Attorney Donald Totaro (who conducted a year long witch hunt), President Judge Louis Farina (who allowed Totaro to run amok), Lancaster Newspapers, and various members of a power elite tacitly acted together to politically destroy Shellenberger and Henderson due to their reservations about the convention center/hotel project." [Excerpt from NewsLanc's publisher Robert Edwin Field's "Letter to the Editor," Sunday News, March 2.]

That sounds so conspiratorial to me. This, I think, is what Marv Adams means when he says "NewsLanc" "sees a conspiracy at every turn." Who is this "we"? I'm curious as to whether there's anyone else who agrees with you on that... What do Totaro and Farina have to do with the convention center project? I mean I certainly agree that the Lancaster Newspapers go easy on their pet project in their coverage... but... I'm not so sure I buy this "power elite" everybody in bed with everybody else business.

I mean I understand what you're saying as far as... this Conestoga View business was an opportunity for Lancaster Newspapers to nail Henderson and Shellenberger if they had it out for them. Though Commissioners pleading guilty to violating the Sunshine Act is a big story... and it was perceived as very high-stakes because a lot of people were very passionate about Conestoga View... it was a big decision.

What you're doing is linking two (I think unconnected) (connected only in the sense that they are both unfavorable for opponents of the project) events - Lancaster Newspapers' investment in the project, and Totaro's investigation... by conjuring up this conspiracy... saying everyone must have been in on it. That's the step I have a hard time taking.

Letter #2 in Response:

[Former District Attorney Donald] Totaro empaneled his second grand jury - only the third in Lancaster County history - SUPPOSEDLY to investigate the hiring of one individual. Since when is this justification to seat a grand jury? It APPEARS the only reason this grand jury existed was to investigate the County Commissioners.

Why would ANYONE want to investigate the County Commissioners, especially with only the third Grand Jury in Lancaster County history? Because THEY DARED TO ASK QUESTIONS. At the time the grand jury was empaneled, the Lancaster Newspapers were already in full attack mode against Dick and Molly, who were asking questions about a project from which LNP stands to earn millions of dollars of profit on the investment of TAXPAYER dollars.

It gets even deeper: the grand jury was unable to substantiate the allegations of the improper hiring of that individual. So Totaro expanded their orders to include the sale of Conestoga View, including possible violations of the "Sunshine Act." When the grand jury found no violation of the law, Totaro threatened to charge the County Commissioners with violations of the "Sunshine Act" - even though he didn't have enough evidence to make the charges stick. They could have beaten the charges, but it would have cost each one of them over $100,000 and several years in court.

If Totaro was not in collusion with Lancaster Newspapers (or at least with the Establishment of Lancaster City and/or County), how can his illogical (some might say irrational) actions be explained?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why We Still Go to "Stupid Meetings"

You say, "Here we are today, still going to these stupid meetings, for what?"

Because it WILL hit the fan. It is inevitable. The project cannot possibly bring in more than a small fraction of the "economic development" that was promised to the public. And even if LNP tries to "spin" the truth by saying how much better Lancaster is because of the project, they won't be able to cover up the truth completely forever.

We all need to be prepared and ready for the inevitable. When it happens, we will then be able to speak knowledgeably about the issues.

And don't assume that those behind this will go unpunished. Depending on how hard and in what way the project falls, those who created this project could very well find themselves in the center of a LOT of attention.

Neglect of Southern End Will Close Down Center City After 5:00 PM

Ages ago my brother, an attorney, forewarned me that during the Convention Center Authority meetings, those in control DO NOT HAVE TO TALK, DEBATE OR ANSWER questions, they have the war won. I disagreed but guess what, he was right.

Here we are today, still going to these stupid meetings, for what? It is going to be built, it is going to be a cesspool of taxpayer dollars going into the pockets of the Haves. And the Middle Class taxpayer will be paying the tab as usual.

I will continue to ask questions in my own text but will never let the Powers forget what they have done. I will forever remember the meeting where Mike Sturla and Gib Armstrong were sitting behind me talking away and laughing at those at the microphone, their arrogant answer to me when I asked them to take their conversation in the hall so we could hear, Dale High telling me to get a life, these people will get their due.

Lancaster County will always support the City and we are fortunate to be getting the New Jersey and Philadelphia city goers to move into the City. My concern is the outlying southern end that will just get worse and hinder the possible nightlife of the Fulton or any possibility of future growth of nightlife. As time goes on safety after 5:00 PM will become a very big issue.

My goal is to continue to monitor the Commissioners. They may taken High money for campaign but they will get exposed. At a past meeting, Chris asked each one of them if they had accepted donations from High and all three admitted doing so. I believe that was the start.