Sunday, June 1, 2008

CC Board Shouldn't be Blamed

....The current board and executive director of the convention center are doing the best they possibly can under the circumstances. We have no reason to give them grief for what their predecessors did. Their hands are tied by the same onerous agreements we picked apart so often...

Let's reserve our wrath for the REAL criminals in the hotel and convention center project, the public officials who helped them get away with it: Ted Darcus, Charlie Smithgall, Paul Thibault, Terry Kauffman, Ron Ford, Pete Shaub, Don Totaro, Mike Sturla, and (worst of all) Gib Armstrong. (I didn't include Rick Gray because Mike Sturla and his operatives have him by the รข@ll$.)

And remember that it was S. Dale High who cried and cried and cried until he got his own way; the other Penn Square Partners were nothing more than a means for High to get what he wants.

At least Fulton Bank had the common sense to bail out while they still could. LNP is tied to the project by their own repeated prejudicial reporting. For example, we don't see High helping LNP pay to build their parking garage on Prince St. at Mifflin; in fact, LNP ended up hiring High to build the parking garage.

High did not hesitate to take advantage of their own "partner."