Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TRRACC proposal won't work

Both TRRACC and NewsLanc ignore the fact that Norfolk Southern itself has said that none of TRRACC's proposed alternatives would work. If the railroad says they won't work, it's irresponsible for both you and TRRACC to claim they will. It becomes just NIMBY.

Editor's response: We are not aware of having advocated the TRRACC plan. What we have said is TRRACC should have been represented by an attorney to assure that their suggestions would be given serious consideration by Franklin & Marshall and Norfolk Southern.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Prepare to see identical story

The Lancaster Newspapers better save a few copies of that recent Pittsburgh Post Gazzette article...they will need it.

All Lancaster residents should be prepared to see an almost identical story within 3-5 years of our CC opening. LNP can merely change the names as the naysayers say that they predicted this and the supporters shrug off the under-acheiving performance of the building and point to some nebulous economic impact to substantiate thier white elephant.

Didn't that Heyward Sanders guy come to Lancaster and tell us all of this before we even turned a spade of dirt?


I'd like to add an item to your list [of what the Lancaster Newspapers should seek forgiveness.]

One of our editors once referred to the sitting head of the Board of Commissioners as the "angel of death". I think that one qualifies too.

City prohibited from regulating guns

You stated Mayor Gray intends to introduce a lost/stolen gun ordinance.

Did you know that Mr. Gray would be in violation of state preemption
under the uniform firearms act of 1995? Maybe someone should bring that
to his attention.

18 PA.C.S. § 6120 states, "No county, municipality or township may in
any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or
transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when
carried or transported for purposes
not prohibited by the laws of this

This will leave the City open to lawsuits if they try to prosecute under such a proposed ordinance.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Newspapers ignored Latino Fest

"There was a Latino Fest and parade scheduled for today (Sept. 27, 2008). The Latino Fest was held at Lancaster Square; I saw three food stands, and a half dozen commercial booths. Attendance was light.

"The parade was scheduled for 1PM, and was to follow Orange St. from Broad to Queen, then pass a reviewing stand that was already set up at Lancaster Square. But it was pouring down rain between 1PM and 2PM, so I must assume the parade was canceled...

"There was NO mention whatsoever of either of these events in any of the Lancaster Newspapers over the past week. These events weren't listed on either the Lancaster City website, or on the web site of the Mayor's Office Of Special Events. The only listing I could find of these events is on the Downtown Investment District's calendar:


Sat, Sep 27, 08
Latino Fest & Puerto Rican Parade
8:00 a.m. Latino Fest begins and activities continue throughout the day until dark. 1:00 p.m. 29th Annual Puerto Rican Parade. The route starts at the
intersection of E. Orange and Broad and will end at Binns Park. The parade theme this year is "Together: Preserving Our Latin Culture".
Tickets: Free of charge
Location: Downtown Lancaster/Binns Park

"Last year's parade took nearly 45 minutes to pass by, and included numerous local officials and organizations. Both the parade and the Latino Fest were heavily attended.

"I believe it is noteworthy that Lancaster Newspapers published no notice of either the Latino Fest or the parade. On what basis did Lancaster Newspapers decide to ignore these culturally significant events?"

Latino Fest only mentioned after it took place

Fascinating. After no mention of the [Latino Fest]- all week, the Sunday News published an article after the fact.

It would appear that they held the parade in the pouring rain after all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wachovia demise could cost Lancaster a LOT

In reply to the NewsLanc article: Viewer asks would Wachovia's demise halt Convention Center funding?

If Wachovia were to be taken over by another bank, it could cost the people of Lancaster County a LOT of money.

It is likely that any successor to Wachovia would terminate the LCCCA's interest rate "swap" agreement, which could result in a hefty fee for the LCCCA, and exposure to undesirable market conditions. In addition, the agreement between Wachovia and the LCCCA has provisions to convert the "seven-day demand notes" into conventional bonds, which any successor bank is likely to take advantage of, since the current bonds are so undesirable in today's market.

Conventional bonds taken out today would most likely carry a much higher interest rate, which would greatly increase the bonds' draw on the "hotel tax" - leaving even less money available to cover operational losses. And any successor to Wachovia is highly unlikely to renew its five year guarantee of the LCCCA construction bonds, which would result in yet another rate increase.

If Wachovia were to cease to exist in its current form, Lancaster County real estate tax increases are certain to follow. This is because the "hotel tax" would be unable to cover the convention center's operational losses plus increased interest rates, even if the "hotel tax" were to be increased by the County Commissioners to the highest rate allowed by State law.

Editor's response: Unless there were an economic benefit for Wachovia or its successor as guarantor of the bonds to alter the bond's status as 'low floaters' to conventional, we see no reason why they would want to increase the Convention Center's expenses, and thus further reduce the value of the bank's collateral.

Downingtown High Schools not inner city

As a Chester County native and former soccer player who competed against Downingtown High School --- back when there was just one --- I must point out that the two current Downingtown high schools are certainly not "inner city schools." Far from it, in fact. Downingtown is a borough, like Manheim and Columbia, and draws students from a huge area covering several townships that surround the borough. Coatesville is the only city in Chester County.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Saturday parking not endangered

City and County residents are praying that [free Saturday] parking stays above water. As for all the visitors, we have to wait and see who is going to come to DINNER. Unfortunately this is the absolutely the worst time to expect business spending.

We are in for at least 2 years of TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT, my friends. From all the national stories of towns and cities putting projects on hold, we are one of the few that forged ahead.

Hopefully the city and county has enough money within to sustain itself for the next two years. I am sincerely afraid that the guests will not be coming.

Conclusion, we will have plenty of parking for about 2 to 3 years.

More re Saturday free parking

This discussion is consistent with the logic that out-of-town visitors are "foreigners" who are going to drop their cash into the city coffers. After alll, taxing them in the hotel rooms is not affecting the local residents! State grants are outside money, having nothing to do with Lancastrians! Etc.

If one expects to cash in on out-of-towners, one must expect congested streets and battles for parking.

I will continue to note that Lancaster was never configured to support the traffic required to meet the expectations of the business of the Convention Center.

Let the nightmares begin.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free parking here today, gone tomorrow!

I've learned from discussions with Lancaster mayor Rick Gray and his chief of staff Pat Brogan that it will likely become necessary to start charging for metered parking downtown once the convention center opens.

Otherwise,convention attendees could park for free all day Saturday, effectively blocking Lancaster City residents from use of these spaces.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Error in "Inner city football teams kick butt"

FYI, despite its name, York Central is not an inner city school district. It is a suburban district much like Manheim Township, Penn Manor, Hempfield or Contesoga Valley, directly adjacent to York City.

The school district you want is the School District of the City of York; their high school is William Penn High School.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Critic says banned from reading Talkback forum

The Lancaster Newspapers have gone lower than dreamed possible while absurdly contradicting the very business they are in. They have blocked me from reading their Talkback forum. I take this with a touch of pride as I think I have cut too close - and I think the bottom line is the racist hiring at LNP. It's illegal and they are scared to death - and they should be.

But it also raises some very interesting questions. Yes, I could hook up my old computer. Yes, I could easily change my IP address and use a proxy. Yes, I can go to any other computer anywhere and read it. All of this underscores the whole ridiculousness of the situation - but not the bottom line in that they are purposely censoring who can read their "public" forum. A forum they recently advertised in their papers.

It is very, very scary. And be assured that when you are on their site, they know exactly who you are and can trace every place that you go and every link you click on.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Claims Lancaster Newspapers not doing job

Ron Harper has it correct. He says he has a passion for good government and that it is important that public figures responsible for taxpayer's money and quality of life have their feet held to the fire. Exactly.

If the Lancaster Newspapers did that to the slightest degree, we wouldn't have the outright corruption that exists today on so many levels in Lancaster.

I'm not taking a thing away from Ron, but the Lancaster Newspapers make it easy for other journalists because they don't do their job and they haven't for years.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maligns publisher's Havanese Dog

Watch Dog? Looks more like Newslanc's dog is modeled after Publisher Robert Field's miniature poodle based on comments made regarding the Sunshine Law.

Here's a quote which demonstrates a complete and total lack of understanding of what the Sunshine (current!!!)law is to prevent: "Concealment of information to which the public is entitled should be prevented!"

OR NOT! The purpose of the Sunshine Law is not just to stop concealment but rather to allow the public to be INVOLVED with the discussion! According to your recent comments you fail to understand that the public is to WITNESS deliberation AND participate as well! When the commissioners met BEHIND CLOSED DOORS to discuss and DECIDE - they shut the public out who is REQUIRED BY LAW to be involved in such a decision. Keep in mind that the Government Study Commission is ELECTED government body - they are NOT a county department that the commissioners have statutory authority over.

To quote the preamble of the Sunshine Law:

"The General Assembly finds that the right of the public to be present at all meetings of agencies and to witness the deliberation, policy formulation and decision making of agencies is vital to the enhancement and proper functioning of the democratic process and that secrecy in public affairs undermines the faith of the public in government and the public's effectiveness in fulfilling its role in a democratic society."

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Only first 59 pages on Google Books

"A City Transformed" is on Google books only to page 59. The Lancaster Library downtown has two copies.

The book is a must read to understand the mess that we went through and where we are again heading with no interest in really solving the problems of this city.
["A City Transformed"] is on Google books only to page 59. The Lancaster Library downtown has two copies.

The book is a must read to understand the mess that we went through and where we are again heading with no interest in really solving the problems of this city.

"A City Transformed" free at Google Books

"A City Transformed" is available to read online (for free!) at Google Books:


The summary page is here: http://books.google.com/books?id=f891HxR6y9MC

Written by Franklin and Marshall professor David Schuyler, this book provides a detailed narrative of the failed "Urban Renewal" project in mid-20th century Lancaster City. It spells out the reasons behind "Urban Renewal", how it came about, and examines how and why it failed.

This book is most highly recommended reading.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not very enthusiastic about geographic location

[NewsLanc reported Sept. 18th:] "Marketing Director Josh Nowak explained that a number of planners seem not to be very enthusiastic about our geographical location."

This statement by Nowak, if it doesn't cause you to break down in tears, then it has to make you laugh.

Gee, did no one involved in scheming this project ever consider that Lancaster might not be a desirable convention destination?!?!?! Maybe we could go on the hook for another $170 million dollars and "fix" this "geographical" problem too!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Rule Charter would not have prevented CC

Please carefully re-read the proposed charter. There is no provision for an initiative to block a project like the hotel and convention center, once it is a part of the current budget.

That means the County Commissioners could approve a project and provide for its financing within one calendar year, before voters would have a chance to act on it. As stated in section 6.02, once a project is in the current budget or capital program, it cannot be repealed.

Leaning towards home rule

After today's commissioners meting, I am leaning towards home rule. I have a copy of the complete charter. Those three just sit there soooo smug.

I think the political parties in this county do not want it because they will be out of business. Also, the state is really watching us. There are 67 Counties and if we go home rule, strong republican and conservative, there will be a lot of followers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Geisenberger deserves credit

As a long-time opponent of the convention center I think that it's vital that we are fair and give credit when someone is doing something good. I believe that such is the case with Steve Geisenberger. The fees that his company are charging the convention center authority are below average because he is discounting them greatly.

Yes, he is being paid. BUT after examining the fees charged by Geisenberger's company, I truly believe that he is viewing this as a public service
and charges accordingly.

In any case, his company won it in a competitive bid – I was there and think he was half of the highest bidder. Let's be fair in our criticism.

CC "cheerleader" now on payroll

Until reading the most recent NewsLanc post on the subject of financing, I was unaware that longtime project promoter and cheer leader Steve Geisenberger was now on the [Convention Center] payroll.

What kind of fees is that guy collecting? He is tied at the hip with Tom Baldridge, chamber president, doing the bidding of the Lancaster Alliance. Why can't we find some disinterested parties to advise us?

I really hope people remember all of these folks who sold us down the river and are truly responsible for the mess this project will become.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Money talks

Chamber of Commerce members dues are according to the number of employees they have. The BIG members have their agenda heard and set the climate.

More about poor Marv: We are sorry we praised him!

I received two different junk mail pieces this week, each offereing deep discounts for LNP subscriptions.

I am sure LNP has been suffering subscription losses, though gaining popularity of online publication.

Mr. Adams should not be so arrogant: "'tis hubris brings the mighty
down." (Don't search that quote, I made it up.)

More about speaking down to readers

What world do you live in, Robert? [Marv Adams] talks down
to his readers every single week - including this one - with the "You can't
make this stuff up"
- for the millionth time. And like what he tells his
readers is rocket science - Gee, boys and girls, all color photos have to go on
one page to save ink. Wow! Enlightening.

Speaking down to readers

(In response to "WATCHDOG: Although we did not altogether follow Adam's explanations, we appreciate that he does not speak down to his readers. We think this is one of the reasons why the Sunday News continues to be so popular.")

This is the very same Marv Adams who repeatedly "spoke down" to anyone who dared to question his own agenda. For example, Marv Adams "spoke down" to anyone who dared to question the hotel and convention center project. Marv Adams "spoke down" to anyone who supported Molly Henderson or Dick Shellenberger.

Marv Adams has alienated so many of his readers, he needs to speak nice to them for now. But this will only last until he must deal with his next self-serving issue.

Missing the point re GSC mailer controversy

... The Government Study Commnission is NOT a branch of the Lancaster
County government. Nor does it represent any function of that government.
The GSC is supposed to be entirely independent.

The GSC has no legal claim on the Lancaster County logo. By publishing an
advertisement that includes the Lancaster County logo, the GSC is saying to
the public that it represents the Lancaster County government, which it does

If the GSC wants to find private funding to sell their position to the
public, then the County Commissioners cannot stop them. On the other hand,
the County Commissioners do have the right to refuse taxpayer funding for an
"advertisement" that advocates one particular position, instead of being an
educational piece.

I understand that it is the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry which
will "privately" fund the GSC mailer, which is clearly designed to get
people to vote in favor of "home rule". Remember this is the same Chamber
that presented the idea of "home rule" and the GSC, the same Chamber which
worked so hard to get enough signatures so their proposal would appear on
the ballot.

This is the same Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry which exists to
promote the agenda of the biggest and most powerful businesses in Lancaster
County. Since the Lancaster Chamber is funded by its member businesses,
primarily by the largest and most powerful ones, it must cater to the
demands of these special interests.

This is the same Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry which, through
its Lancaster Alliance affiliate, came up with the idea for a hotel and
convention center project in downtown Lancaster. When the LDR
International/Winterbottom report only recommended a small conference center
in Lancaster Square, it was the Lancaster Chamber/Lancaster Alliance which
on its own came up with the idea of a large "private-public partnership"
project at Penn Square (perhaps with a little prompting from certain members
of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce). And, of course, this is the same
Lancaster Chamber/Lancaster Alliance which has been pushing the streetcar
project, and created the Lancaster Streetcar Co.

The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been pushing for "home
rule" specifically so no two County Commissioners can ever again block the
special-interest projects of its members. This is evidenced by the fact
that the single most powerful individual in Lancaster County government
would be appointed by the County Commissioners, not elected by voters, and
therefore not directly accountable to the people of Lancaster County. This
is the very same individual which the proposed "home rule" charter claims is
to provide a means of "checks and balances" to the very same County
Commissioners which would appoint them!

The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry exists to promote the special
interests of its members. Any project or proposal that it generates or
promotes is for the benefit of its own members, not for the benefit of the
people of Lancaster City and County. Their actions over the last few
decades have proven this beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Legal precedent supports Home Rule Commission?

The county commissioners cannot dictate to this ELECTED BODY what to say - separation of powers and all that. Here is the relevant portion of a Chester County Court decision with the entire context to follow - it's the SAME situation only 35 years ago!

The Study Commission has endeavored to provide every voter in Chester County with at least a brief summary of its Report and Recommendations. We find such endeavor not only lawful, and within the power and authority of the Study Commission as bestowed upon it by the cited sections of Act No. 62, but indeed a salutary and worthy effort,
entirely consistent with the noble traditions of this great and historic county.

Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania, Chester County. McDermott

(Editor's note: The above suggests that the County Commissioners may not censure what the Home Rule Commission has to say, but the portion quoted does not say that the County Commissioners have to provide the funds to pay for the advertisements.)

Chamber conducting telephone poll on Home Rule proposal

I just received an email that states the Chamber of Commerce is RIGHT NOW conducting a telephone poll, asking people how they will vote on the "home rule" proposal.

Desperate people do desperate things...

Two views re use of county logo

1) The Chamber of Commerce was the group that instigated the "home rule" petition drive. Their agenda is obvious: they don't ever again want the County Commissioners to be able to block their agenda.

This mailing illegally uses the Lancaster County logo, since the GSC isn't a branch of the Lancaster County government. I wonder if the County government would sue the GSC for copyright violation???????

2) The [Government Study Commission] can use the logo...

Home Rule mailing to be funded by C of C

I was told after the Commissioner meeting Wednesday that the monies needed to do the mailer would be funded by the Chamber of Commerce. That group is pushing for [home rule government] very hard.

However it is all a waste of good money. 90% of that kind of mail gets tossed consistently. Unfortunately wasting money is not the issue.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Private financing for "home rule" propaganda mailing?

Rumor has it that the people trying so hard to sell "home rule" may have come up with private financing to send this clearly biased mailer to every household in Lancaster County. This appears to be the exact same propaganda piece that was rejected by the Lancaster County Commissioners earlier this week.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Giving credit where credit is due

I am not suggesting that the [the newspapers are] magnanimous or unbiased. What I stated was a fact.

LNP has published nearly every letter I have written. (And there have been several.) They have quoted me in articles.

Jack Brubaker contacted me to evaluate the financial projections of the project, and correctly quoted me (and RF: front page of New Era, below the fold) when I referred to the figures as ficticious.

The Intell quoted me correctly when I thanked the commisioners for "jumping in front of a runaway train" when they attempted to put the "brakes" on the project. (Nevin Cooley misquoted me in the press later stating that I had said thanks for "derailing the project": a completely different image and metaphor with a different

BTW: The New Era published my anti-streetcar letter, and the next day, published their own editorial echoing my writing virtually verbatim.

I also know some reporters personally. The rank and file do not necessarily follow their bosses.

The history of my objection began when the [convention center / hotel] project grew from its private funding. I continue to believe that the project is a STUPID idea. With private money...so what? But not with public money.

When I contacted Chris Kunzler, thanking him for being among the first (with RH and RC) to express caution about the project, he called and encouraged me to write to the commissioners. The result was the lengthy opus categorically warning about the projected failure that I will stand by to today. There is nothing that has occurred since February, 2004 to contradict my writing.

There is one line from the Inquirer I question: "The controversy is over"....no, it isn't.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Urges more LGH financial transparency

I was driving in the Southern end of Lancaster County and saw yet another Lancaster General Hospital construction project completed in Willow Street. And then I recalled two NewsLanc.com reports on the fiscal responsibilities of Lancaster General Hospital and the way in which each year's hospital profits were spent.

From my recall, it appeared that the LGH financial officers were not forthcoming with pertinent fiscal information that would complete the NewsLanc.com report.

I am writing this letter to advocate that the editorial and reporting staffs of NewsLanc.com continue requesting needed fiscal data from LGH to complete your investigative report(s).

It is apparent to this reader that such dynamic investigative journalism in this county is very much needed. With the way that the "Big 5 (LGH, Lancaster Newspapers, The High Group, Fulton Bank and Franklin & Marshall) protect each other in Lancaster, I would sincerely doubt that The Intelligencer, The New Era or The Sunday News would ever probe or even approach the financials of one of its "Big 5" brethren.

New Era criticized street cars in past

I clipped the New Era editorial from two years ago, after they published my letter calling the study of the DEA stupid (I said a tape measure would show trolleys would not work) The editors practically quoted me the next day verbatim.

I am glad they have not morphed their opinion to suit the suits.

F&M bars reporter from McCain event

Ron Harper was told to "leave F&M property" by the Lancaster Police with F&M security standing by. This is simply unbelievable and unconstitutional. I
honestly can not believe this.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Report of street car death premature

NewsLanc is right on re: the trolley project ... again.

This project is anything but dead! Not only will it be revived, it will do so with the support of LNP.

If the CC has taught us anything, we should realize that the power elite will not only use misdirection in their propaganda to pacify the opposition, no subsidy or attempt at planting their heads in the public trough is too large.

Mark my words, Jack Howell's bad dream for Lancaster will rise again, and again, and again until someone at the federal, state, or local level is willing to put the taxpayer on the line to fund his private little railroad.

Senator Gib Armstrong said to more than one CC opponent, "Get on the train or get run over" ... a questionable analogy about a hospitality project but one that is quite apropos about a trolley.

Interesting that Mayor Gray would be so political in his commentary knowing full well that he will prostrate himself for federal funds whether his guy wins or not.

Real estate broker's lament

Over the last 6 months I have been doing more business in the city because of out of town buyers being referred to me that want to relocate to Lancaster from NY and NJ. They want city, our prices are CHEAP as well as the taxes, by their standards.

NOT ONE buyer is moving into the city due to the Convention Center.

As for commercial prospects,all 5 were looking for every reason BUT the convention center. Walking and busing for low wage workers as well as younger techs that are currently living in the city are the basis for commercial interest.

If you look at the group up across from the Belvedere, their upscale condos are
geared towards individuals that want city life from out of the area.

Oh if only that could have be put on the corner of King and Queen. What foot traffic that would have created my friends, we would have made national news with
revitilization. Oh Well.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Expects re-routing of trolley scheme

I'm willing to bet that if the streetcar proposal is extended to Conestoga St. instead of Vine St., Lancaster Newspapers would drop its opposition.

The immediate problem with the streetcar proposal is its dependency on Federal "earmarked" funds, which are currently under attack by both of the major political parties. And congressman Joe Pitts generally opposes earmarks.

Unless Rick Gray & Co. can convince the State to completely fund the construction of the streetcar project, it could be in serious trouble. With Sen. Gib Armstrong out of the picture beginning next year, Lancaster City's gravy train from the State could dry up very quickly.

I know this might be nothing more than wishful thinking. But I very nearly lost hope for downtown Lancaster when the convention center construction bonds were sold. I really want to believe Lancaster City still has the potential for a successful future, however I'm not convinced that it does.

Note there is still no explanation of how they expect private support to fund the operational losses of the proposed streetcar system.

Optimism re trolley demise

Well, well, well. Jack Buckwalter doesn't want it so the trolley project is stopped. Who could have imagined?

Why did it take LNP so long? Did they just figure out it would disrupt their circulation process? Wow! What went on in a back room?

Jack obviously hasn't told Rick Gray yet. He's still running his mouth in support. Unbelievable.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

City requires common sense solutions to revitilization

Mulberry Arts did originate the "First Friday" concept. Lancaster Alliance and Downtown Investment District (DID) are trying to fill their resume' with what others have done for the city. What have they accomplished except spend tax dollars for air head ideas without a total overall plan?

Lancaster City does not now nor ever needed the outside to come in; it has always needed common sense solutions to revitilization... Our quaint and historic features are going to evaporate unless the 450,000 non-city residents WANT to visit the hub of our County.

We can not depend on visitors, TIMES ARE A CHANGING my friends. We need to rebuild from within and appreciate those that want to share from other areas. Private investment takes longer, costs the taxpayer nothing, and generates more tax dollars and functions.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Printing letters to the editors criticizing CC not enough

Since when does printing letters in opposition equate to fair news coverage?

The [Lancaster Newspapers] coverage has been generally biased and one-sided. It has been totally void of any tough or even the obvious questions...somehow asking questions does not seem to be part of an LNP reporter's job description.

They have done a good job including just enough from the other side as to fuel controversy and sell papers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So what if they published your letters!

I just have to ask - what world do you live in? They (gasp!) published several of your letters? Aren't they wonderful!

Do you remember their attacks on Molly Henderson and Shellenberger? They were vicious.

Do you remember they never covered the PKF Consulting study?

Do you remember when Rick Gray took two weeks of the taxpayer's money to fill the $20 million "gap?"

Do you remember their WWII headlines [about the commissioners plea bargain to a minor Sunshine Act offense]?

What world are you living in? Seriously, do you have a clue?

Newspapers did publish critical letters re CC projerct

Since I have had several letters published, I cannot quibble with Mr.[Jack] Buckwalter's statement.

HOWEVER, I do think the mayor is off base, and he is directing his scorn at those who are critical of the trolley proposal. Several of us simply don't like our tax dollars spent on stupid ideas.

Questions quotes in Inquirer article

"'We bent over backward to be totally open and fair and our coverage was impartial,' [Jack]Buckwalter said. 'We carried letters to the editor from opponents that were extremely critical of us, but we kept running them.'"

"Mayor [Rick] Gray dismisses the critics as 'the people who are against damn near everything.'"

The quote by Buckwalter is so over the top and such a lie you'd think he would be struck dead on the spot. The quote by Gray is so laughable it just begs to be repeated.

Preserve Race Street for bike race

Over 120 cyclists ranging in age from 4 to 70 participated in the Race Avenue Bike Race sponsored by the West End Cycling Club that took place on Saturday, Aug. 23, with over 120 cyclists from ages 4 to 70 participating. The last time this popular race was held on Race Avenue was in 1999.

Last year the City Traffic Commission approved an F&M College/City Public Works proposal to construct 10 bulb-outs (curb extensions) and 3 traffic humps on Race Avenue. Had this plan been carried out, this bike race could not have been held on Race Avenue.

Many supporters of Saturday's race hope that Race Avenue will remain as it is so that future bike races can be held here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LETTER: Pittsburgh paper asked in 2002 if CC was a "Sweetheart deal"

Those who enjoyed the recent story from the Philadelphia Inquirer might also find this article from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review interesting as they take the Lancaster Newspapers to task for their role in the Convention Center.