Monday, June 9, 2008

The Other Side of Trash

Since I first heard of NewsLanc.Com on WLPA 1490, I have been in love with the site and material. I have long looked for someone to call out the truth in what I always felt was shady reporting by local newspapers and outlets. I always felt that the wrong side of reporting was always published. What I mean by that is, whoever had more power always looked better in the article. Then you guys came along and I find myself shaking my head saying yes to everything you report.

I have one issue, if I may, with something I've seen you report lately.

I have noticed a lot that you seem to report about the city trash program and its "czar" as if everything they are doing is golden. I was involved in the hauling business for many years until the "czar" came in and basically wiped out any small hauler.

He does a very good job of portraying himself as the savior to the trash woes of Lancaster, yet he helped strong-arm the small business owners out in favor of a one hauler system who is out of area, employs anyone that will apply, throws cans and bins back, and mostly have a general disregard for peoples' property.

I know some of the former haulers are at fault, it would be wrong of me to think some otherwise. But when all the avenues were being discussed on how to better the city, he never once cared what our views were on it? Sure they held meetings, and forums to play the role of "we're listening". But does it make sense to hold meetings during the day or weeknights when most haulers have to either work or get an early nights rest because we started so early?

He may have a vision for what he feels is right, but wouldn't it be better to ask the haulers since they work in this everyday? Sure he claims to have worked in the industry, but he no longer does. Besides, wouldn't it have been better to employ someone local for the job, who may live in Lancaster and see and feel the needs of it, instead of someone who lives outside the area?

I apologize if this sounds like a scorned former hauler, but for a news outlet I hold in high regards because they get the other side's view, I find it tough to read some of the articles written about him or his program. When the other side is never heard. It makes me feel like I'm reading the LancasterOnline.Com website!

That last line was a tongue in cheek remark to end things light....

Continue to report fine information, I will always have NewsLanc.Com bookmarked!