Friday, June 20, 2008

"Tragic, but Amusing"

Since most trade and consumer shows now travel in 53-foot trucks, once each show experiences difficulty loading in and out,a second booking will be rare. If the venue gets a rep for a PIA (Editor's presumption:Pain in the a--?) house, the consumer shows, which need vast local attendees to justify a booking, may not come back, and the PIA rep will travel through the industry. A consumer (or trade) show show must attract a large number of attendees. That is the measure of success. Period. And a consumer show is depending on a local crowd.

Unless it has been rectified, the loading docks cannot accommodate 53' trucks, nor can the larger trucks get in and out.

Unless it has been rectified, the rake (slant) of the pavement at the loading area will make loading in and out very difficult. Each dock space should be level with the trailer, or the load can't move.

When trade show vendors load out, they all want to be out at same time as soon as the event closes. If it costs them extra time because their truck is in Quarryville ... guess what.

"State of the Art" in the business is the accessibility.

None of this information is new. But what is significant in the report is that the majority of the shows are consumer shows (hotel art, computer shows, etc.) seeking a local audience. Also, a consumer show generally has one vendor which is booking the event, opposed to a trade show which sublets the booth spaces to many vendors.

This is going to be amusing ... tragic, but amusing.