Friday, June 27, 2008

If the lights go out at King and Queen...

Last night the attendance at the Convention Center Authority board meeting was scant. As I sat there and listened to ALL the change orders, the quote "It is what it is" kept running through my mind. Looking up at the board, I humbly respect all the time and effort put forth on behalf of our County and again thank heavens for Douglas, Campbell, Nelson, Dixon and Morris. Fry is never there, how many meetings can a board member miss?

The remaining member, Mr. Darcus was chairman of the board whose City appointed majority members who accepted the line , "If the attorneys approve of these agreements, we do not need to read them." Remember?

I had the pleasure of meeting the new Executive Director, Kevin Molloy... very enthusiastic and he knows the industry. Too bad he wasn't known years ago but, then again, I doubt he would have been hired to be the 'yes man' that Stevens and Lee needed.

Hopefully all the knowledge and skills that now hold this board together will bring this project to reality and be a success.

Finally, I have to go back to the money situation. ALL financial institutions and investment companies are CASH POOR right now, my friends. We may have to pay dearly for gambling for a higher rate of interest. I am afraid this situation is not going to get better soon.

In times like this Cash is King and this firm with whom Authority money has been invested is Cash poor according to my financial information. We may have a huge White Elephant if we do not get OUR money back.

Mr. Beckett was smiling, was it because he has been paid? I was not smiling when I heard the news last night

If the lights go out on the corner of King and Queen for lack of funds, the Crap Shooters should be listed on the front page of the Lancaster Post for the next 8 issues!!!!!!!!! I can see it now, all the Post boxes glued, stolen and Chris and Ron kidnapped, later found safe and sound on Figi, not knowing how they got there like Mr. T, (Remember him?), and PSP changing their addresses to DUBAI with not a word about this printed in the LNP.

The 500,000 residents less the above citizens will just go about their business paying higher County taxes. Lurking in the background will be another admirable County leader waiting for his or her turn to be creative with supposedly free money.

Editor's note: Do we laugh or cry?