Friday, July 18, 2008

Would Ron Harper have done otherwise?

I would love to see a Watchdog item on the Lancaster Post Dr. Kirchner article in today's issue.

I am no insider, but I seem to recall that Dr. Kirchner GAVE the reporters his access codes. From where I sit, I think he had visions of making the headlines as the next Cyril Wecht, Dr. Baden, or Dr. Lee. In my personal opinion, he was watching too much Greta Van Susteren and had visions of being a guest! The Post article conveniently omits HIS part in this debaucle.

Also, given Ron Harper's "get-a-story-no-matter-how-and-damn-the-torpedos" style, can you SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that HE HIMSELF would not have jumped on that opportunity for the BIG SCOOP!

Editor's note: It was our view at the time and continues to be our view that, if it is true that Intelligencer Journal Editor Ray Shaw condoned and encouraged the five reporters to illegally access the government files, he should have been indicted along with Dr. Gary Kirchner and the reporters and Shaw should have received the severest sentence. Such a violation would not have been allowed to occur on this editor's watch, nor do we believe on Harper's.