Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funding for trolley car purchases

There is a line item in the 2008-2009 State budget for a $15 million State grant to fund the proposed streetcar system, thanks to Sen. Gib Armstrong.

No word yet on where the operational funding to operate the streetcars would come from.

It never ceases to amaze me that the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to promote and proceed with projects like this one, under the ASSUMPTION that Lancaster City Council will rubber-stamp whatever they ask for: in this case, the use of public rights-of-way. The "non-profit" "Lancaster Streetcar Company" wouldn't have purchased three used streetcars unless they were confident that their demands will be met.

In reality, the "Lancaster Streetcar Company" is nothing more than yet another extension of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry, just like the Lancaster Alliance and Lancaster Campaign. This the very same Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry that brought us the "home rule" proposal, as well as the hotel and convention center project.

Editor's note: Normally there will not be sufficient funds actually appropriated to cover the full amount and, in some cases, any of the amount budgeted for projects.