Saturday, July 12, 2008

F & M actions since John Fry self-serving

I was shocked by your editorial that showed that F&M has a "dual police force" with the same power (but not the same controls from misuse of that power) of the City Police. Do the Lancaster Police know about this? If not, why not? If so, what is their reaction?

According to John Fry, the video cameras aimed by F&M on their neighbors living across the street was for these neighbors' own benefit and protection. When these cameras were installed in spite of neighborhood opposition, it was suggested by the pro-F&M coverage in Lancaster Newspapers that these neighbors should welcome and appreciate this "protection" from Big Brother.

This was suggested, even though Keith Orris, John Fry's top spokesman, had admitted at a neighborhood meeting (in answer to a question) that if F&M's monitoring personnel witnessed a break-in across the street at night, that F&M's Security Department would take no action. Nor would F&M security officers report the criminal activity to City Police, according to Mr. Orris.

This meant that neighbors' activities could be viewed (spied upon) without any benefits whatsoever to those neighbors.

It would appear that all of F&M actions since John Fry came to campus are purely self-serving.