Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is going on?

I am worried for the city residents, the ones that have bought due to affordability of price and not being educated on the tax consideration. Lancaster City is currently the highest community tax-wise in the county...

If the city needs to raise the taxes to accommodate all this preparation, it can and will. If the Mayor wants to impose a special assessment, he can and will.

What is going on in this county is terrifying: F & M is taking over and has accountability to no one. The city is forging ahead with projects and informing the residents after the fact when nothing can be done. The County is losing good people and telling the public that they are retiring or resigning which is bullcrap. Our government, elected people are doing as they wish with absolutely no accountabliity to the taxpayers.

The relocation of the rail yard is a done deal as per the president of Waste Management. The residents are wasting their time, it is over, was over a year ago, where is the accountability?

I was shocked two weeks ago when the gentleman was at the Manor Township Supervisors Meeting presenting a clean up deal that will have 50 trucks per day for 4 months take out waste from the site of the railroad and bring back clean fill. They are going to pay Manor approximately 300,000 for this and only do one side of the creek, leaving the other side as a dump. The residents think they still can be heard.

F & M is taking over the west side like a cancer and the city is allowing it. A laborer who is working on rehabbing properties for F & M said that, after these 15 properties, there are 15 more to be worked on for next year. The residents that attended meetings with F & M were led to believe there would be no more renovating other than these initial 15 and that in 10 years they would be put on the market to be sold as residental housing. F & M is going to charge $500 per student per month.

They do not need the city; they are their own decision makers. The residents do not have a chance.

On North Mary, a young couple from Chicago bought a home and now has it for rent because across the street will be four attached houses of students. A home next door to those four started at $149,900 and now is down to $119,000. No one wants to live next door to student housing.

What is going on????