Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Newspapers failure to report WSJ article appalling

I find it appalling that the three newspapers did not publish one word on the Wall Street Journal's lambasting article on Lancaster General Hospital's policy of overbilling the Plain Community of Lancaster County.

When a well-respected and nationally-recognized newspaper like the Wall Street Journal investigates one of the local five "untouchable" entities of this county (Lancaster General Hospital, F & M College, Fulton Bank, the High Group and the Lancaster Newspapers), yet the local Steinman Family-run local newspapers hide this account by not publishing, then this is clearly the definition or irresponsible journalism and dereliction of journalistic duties...

Perhaps, I am the oddball here in that I find the local news coverage is so skewed toward protecting the five "untouchable" entities, that the majority of the Lancaster County citizenry just accepts poor quality news coverage from the three local papers. This is exactly the reason that I read and also the Lancaster Post -- both are excellent alternative news sources which provide balance and perspective that all Lancaster Countians should seek...

There are those liberals who will only watch MSNBC. And of course, those conservatives that will only receive their national news coverage from FOX. But the well informed citizen is one that reads and understands news from all perspectives. And only after hearing and seeing all perspectives on a news item would an individual stance on a plank or a platform of issues should then an individual opine as to his/her respective position.

The Wall Street Journal article should open eyes to all Lancaster County as the abuse of the Plain Community by Lancaster General Hospital can have tremendous effects on all of us. The Plain Community are a forgiving people, but in a county where tourism ranks first in our local economy, do we really want Lancaster General ostracizing the cash-paying Plain Community for their healthcare needs?

I am disappointed in that the Steinman Family-run newspapers decided to again protect one of the five "untouchable entities", however I implore all those who read my commentary to bear focus on national news items beyond the locally centrist and xenophobic approaches bestowed upon us by our three local papers.

Even better, do not financially support the companies that opt to advertise in our local three papers. Or better yet, cancel your subscriptions to the Steinman-run papers and subscribe or read online, a selection of newspapers that provide global vision to our everyday lives.

As for the Plain Community members, I would hope that Lancaster General Hospital will do right by you financially. But please remember that the Plain Community is home to many, many sound business minds and sometime soon, the healthcare needs of the Plain Community will seek [others who will provide them] with similar quality care, but at a reasonable expense.