Monday, March 10, 2008

Editorial a veiled threat?

The Intelligencer Journal / New Era editorial "The right side" of March 8th concludes: "But we would urge [NewsLanc publisher Robert Field] to consider another piece of Voltaire's wisdom: 'I am very fond of truth, but not at all of martyrdom'.'' Voltaire seems to say, "I seek the truth, but I am willing to recant in the face of danger." That is the meaning in the context of the article.

One assumes that with a WRITTEN essay (as opposed to an impromptu spoken statement) that the intent is carefully thought through.It would seem that they are saying that you are successfully seeking "truth" but that you should stop when your are threatened for expressing the same truth. The only one who would threaten you would be someone who does not want the truth to be known (and are capable of inducing harm)...therefore, since they offer the quote, they either know who could threaten you, or they would threaten you themselves.The instant I read it, it seemed to be a threat. Congratulations for continuing to make the news.

Editor's note: Although several persons interpreted the conclusion of the editorial as a threat, we do not believe it was so meant. NewsLanc appreciates the Intell and New Era's standing up in solidarity for freedom of the press and continuation of the traditional enlightened openness that Rotary International and its Lancaster chapter have demonstrated over the decades.