Saturday, March 29, 2008

Downtown Unsafe at night

Last evening (3-29-2008), my wife and I attended The Lancaster Symphony performance at the Fulton Theater. The performance was excellent as usual.

After the performance, many of us were crossing the street to go to our cars when all of a sudden piercing police sirens were everywhere. Six police cars came flying by us and everyone had to scramble for fear of being hit.

The police came to a screaming halt in the next block with guns drawn. No one dared walk or drive by the block to learn what all the excitement was about.

When we finally got our car out of the (snail pace) public parking lot, we drove up by the square on our way home.

After looking at the mess [construction] on the square, we all said what a joke it was to be having a $200 Million Dollar project built in downtown Lancaster supposedly for convention business - when the streets are not even safe to walk or drive in front of the Fulton Theater!

What conventioneers in their right mind would knowingly risk taking their family to such an unsafe city to attend a meeting or show?

But then who really cares about what is happening? After it is all said and done, the Lancaster County taxpayers will be stuck with cost to build and operate this white elephant – no big deal!

Hopefully Lancaster Newspapers and Dale High will feel very proud to tell their children and grandchildren about Lancaster’s biggest ever scam that they pulled off with Senator Gib Armstrong’s help.