Monday, March 17, 2008

Challenges F & M's promise re School Lane Hills

This is a perfect example of the hedged, nuanced speech the college always uses. You will notice there is NOT an absolute guarantee. The included paragraph about local zoning etc. is the Catch-22. Our understanding is that Manheim Township requires TWO roads into/out of any development, especially cluster type dwellings. Our understanding is that they cannot just have one entry/exit from Harrisburg Pike only. SO, when the whole Wilson Dr. things gets advanced, F&M will disingenuously respond, "WE aren't pursuing it! The DEVELOPER is," or, "The Township is making this a necessity. Our hands are tied!"

Your headline is wrong. The college has PROMISED nothing. For now, it is not something they will pursue. However, (wink, wink) "we will need to comply with all local ordinances etc etc etc" So, it will be THEIR fault, not F&Ms. HOW CONVENIENT.

Challenge the college to put in writing that should Manheim Township REQUIRE a second entrance/exit from their Baker fields development, it ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BE THROUGH SCHOOL LANE HILLS, and that if Wilson Drive extension is an absolute necessity, they will abandon development plans. THAT, my friend, would justify your headline of an F&M PROMISE. There is NO PROMISE in what I have read here.