Saturday, November 22, 2008

Despite High contributions, commissioners say no

I am aware that the Hotel Tax is County.

I am waiting for the group to come to the County for all or more of the tax dollars.

Stuckey and Martin have reaffirmed that not one cent will be given to help the project and that they are not going to raise the hotel room sales tax. It is a wait and see thing.

All three Commissioners did reveal that they accepted campaign monies from High.

Because [former commissioners] Molly and Dick dropped their law suit, was it not in return for the debt to be paid back first by the Convention Center before operating expenses? Problem is if there are not enough of bookings to even cover the debt service let alone the operating expenses, then the County has to cough up money via raising the Hotel tax or whatever...

I spend very little time in my office and am always out in the field. It is amazing how many people come up to me with comments or questions, this County has no idea how into issues the average person is. This is a good thing and that is probably why the Home Rule got voted down.

I go back to Home Rule only to show how all the money people shoved into getting that thing passed went for nothing. Big Business could not jump on the Dick and Molly thing and think that the middle class was not aware of what they were trying to do.

Because of NewsLanc and the old Lancaster Post, the public is being educated, or should I say given the truth. I just hope the Post comes back as a lot of people miss it.