Monday, March 9, 2009

More re CC financial viability

As he ascends to the chairmanship of the County's majority party, I think it would be very enlightening to interview County Treasurer Craig Ebersole.

Treasurer Ebersole had repeatedly made public statements regarding the CC viability and questioned the financing years ago. He also questioned the PDCVB's effectiveness in how it spends its portion of hotel tax dollars and the return, or lack thereof, on those tax/public monies. In light of recent trends, events, and market conditions, I think it would be great to hear what his take on things is today.

It might also be interesting to examine how that might differ from the two members of his party serving as County Commissioner and whether or not Chairman (and Treasurer) Ebersole's views seem more in line with the guy the GOP ran out of office than the guys it currently supports in office.

That said, are they willing to raise county-wide taxes or hit the general fund to make up the shortfall, or will they raise the bed tax...a tax paid by less than 100 of their constituents?