Monday, September 8, 2008

Report of street car death premature

NewsLanc is right on re: the trolley project ... again.

This project is anything but dead! Not only will it be revived, it will do so with the support of LNP.

If the CC has taught us anything, we should realize that the power elite will not only use misdirection in their propaganda to pacify the opposition, no subsidy or attempt at planting their heads in the public trough is too large.

Mark my words, Jack Howell's bad dream for Lancaster will rise again, and again, and again until someone at the federal, state, or local level is willing to put the taxpayer on the line to fund his private little railroad.

Senator Gib Armstrong said to more than one CC opponent, "Get on the train or get run over" ... a questionable analogy about a hospitality project but one that is quite apropos about a trolley.

Interesting that Mayor Gray would be so political in his commentary knowing full well that he will prostrate himself for federal funds whether his guy wins or not.