Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spending tax money recklessly

I attended a one time showing at the airport cinenma sponsored by a group of US financial leaders: Peterson, Buffett and three others. If you Google on to IOUSA you will get the idea. These five men have formed a foundation and last evening, across the US at 8 EST, their movie was shown in selected theaters as well as a live pannel discussion about the economy.

EVERY smart city, county and state are laying low to see how this recession is weathering out. As I sat there with a few other friends, here we are in Lancaster County, spending like there is no tomorrow.

We are buillding a $200 million CC. We are going to install Trolley Cars to travel in a rectangle to suppossedly conserve energy and have better air quality as well as move the thousands that are going to come to see our new CC. The County gave the city via the state $750,000 Wednesday for surveliance cameras, streetscape and parking; $100,000 for a study along with Manheim twp for parking and service shopping around the railroad station area.

What is happening to all the homeowners that can not afford to pay their taxes now? When the money is needed to support these and other crazy projects our bureaucrats will just raise taxes.

Until we get responsible elected officials that are willing to make the hard decisions to help us get out of this mega million dollar hole we are in, it seems Lancaster County is on an island of its own and does not feel that we are in a recession.